ThinkGoodMobility Challenge: Millennials Shape Future Mobility


As the drivers of tomorrow, few groups are better placed than millennials to help define and design the future of mobility. In 2016, Goodyear invited students between the ages of 18 and 25 to participate in the ThinkGoodMobility Challenge by sharing their innovative concepts for smart, safe and sustainable mobility.

73 participants from across Europe submitted their best ideas, sharing some remarkable views of the future of mobility. A ThinkGoodMobility jury composed of mobility experts and entrepreneurs evaluated all entries on their originality, innovation, feasibility, impact and creativity.

Millennials shaping future mobility

Discover the Top 3 ideas from the 2016 ThinkGoodMobility Challenge:

  1. MaRS
  2. 2-4 Wheel electric vehicle
  3. SmartMobi