A Concept for Cleaner and More Convenient Urban Mobility

Goodyear Oxygene concept

Goodyear’s latest concept tire quite literally brings the future of mobility to life. Oxygene is a visionary solution for cleaner, more convenient, safer and more sustainable urban mobility. This is crucial if you consider that more than 80% of people living in air pollution-measured urban areas are exposed to air quality levels that exceed World Health Organization […]

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Producing Tires Responsibly with Soybean Oil

Goodyear Soybean oil tire

Goodyear will always focus on making high-performance tires. But in a world of dwindling resources, we also consider how to produce them responsibly. Optimization of materials The optimization of materials is one of the key elements of our innovation approach. Therefore we carefully evaluate the raw materials we use and constantly look into more sustainable alternatives. Revolutionary bio-materials, such […]

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