Rice Husk Ash – An Environmentally Friendly Source of Silica

Rice Husk Ash Silica_Goodyear

Manufacturers are increasingly looking into renewable materials to reduce their carbon footprint. So is Goodyear using materials such as rice husk ash for example. When it comes to the optimization of materials, we constantly evaluate the raw materials we use. We start with reviewing their characteristics, energy composition, social and regulatory requirements. On top, we look into possible alternatives to make our tires more environmental friendly during their use. To develop bio-based alternatives as materials in tires is quite revolutionary.

Decrease fuel consumption

Every year millions of tons of rice husk are burned to produce electricity. Previously tons of ash and waste would go to landfill. Goodyear now uses the ashes as an environmentally friendly source of silica. Silica is a popular substance in tires to increase wet grip and decrease fuel consumption.