Plug and Play Tech Center – The Ultimate Startup Ecosystem

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Plug and Play Tech Center is the world’s largest global technology accelerator and venture fund. Hence a stunning 400 start-ups and 100 corporate partners are working together within the innovation hub, creating the ultimate startup ecosystem.

ThinkGoodMobility and Plug and Play Tech Center

Goodyear is one of the founding partners of the ‘Mobility Platform’ within the Plug and Play Tech Center. The Mobility Platform connects leaders in the automotive industry with startups to accelerate open innovation platforms.

Besides Goodyear, other industry thought leaders such as ExxonMobile, P&G, Bosh, Hella and Daikin are also part of the network. It is the ideal place to support the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

Goodyear’s work as part of the Mobility Platform focuses on optimizing tires and service solutions for autonomous cars and ride-sharing fleets as well as leveraging tire and vehicle data to plan for tire replacement and manage proactive maintenance.