LIST – Collaborating on Sustainable Mobility


The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO). It is located in the very heart of Luxembourg’s new Research and Innovation Campus. The Campus brings together universities, research centers, joint laboratories, start-ups and incubators on national and European level.

ThinkGoodMobility and LIST

LIST and Goodyear are collaborating on sustainable mobility. The primary focus is on creating a better future by making tires more environmentally friendly, in terms of materials, performance and the manufacturing process.

The keys to sustainable mobility

The key areas of the joint R&D initiative on sustainable mobility are:

  • Advanced data science to improve processes and shorten product development cycles. This makes it easier to anticipate the evolving needs of both car manufacturers and end-consumers.
  • Development of innovative lightweight materials to lower the rolling resistance of tires, contributing to lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency.
  • Developing new skills needed in 2020 and beyond as part of the digitalization process.
Accelerating smart mobility solutions

The open innovation partnership is a best practice for joint public and industry research. It is an excellent opportunity for researchers, industrialists and students to interact and benefit from knowledge spillovers. Therefore establishing a more formal R&D collaboration with LIST was a natural decision for Goodyear. Ultimately, it will further accelerate the smart mobility solutions we currently have under development.