Less Stress with Driverless

With traffic getting denser every year, people may become more favorable to driverless cars. Being stuck in traffic during your daily commute causes a lot of stress.

Goodyear UK looked into how stress impacts our everyday lives
  • Nearly half (46%) of British motorists would consider changing their job to avoid congestion.
  • 40% would consider giving up their city life if they could avoid congestion by using a driverless vehicle.
  • 10% claim congestion has caused them to feel the most stressed they have ever been.
  • Two in five British motorists would use a driverless car to relax instead of driving.

Key findings also flag some side effects of increasing traffic jams:

  • 58% have arrived late to work.
  • 37% claim they have sworn.
  • 15% admit to making rude hand gestures.
  • 4% admit that traffic has made them cry.

Others manage to turn the ‘lost’ time into ‘quality’ time or time to plan the week:

  • 28% spend singing in-car karaoke.
  • 26% catch-up with the kids on the back seat.
  • 24% talk to friends and family.
  • 17% plan their meals for the week.
Less stress with driverless
Less stress with driverless










Research conducted by 3GEM Research & Insights of 2,000 British motorists.
* Research from Direct Line Car Insurance