Smart Tires for Shared Mobility

Goodyear_Intelligent tire Working prototype

Why do we need an intelligent tire?

When turning to shared mobility, consumers are looking for the most comfortable, convenient and affordable transport solution possible. For Mobility-as-a-Service (MAAS) providers this means managing cost of ownership and delivering efficient operation. Crucially, it also means maximizing uptime to ensure that vehicles are available when and where consumers need them.

An intelligent, or smart tire can cater to the needs of both shared mobility fleets and their users. They can play an active role in enhancing the overall performance, energy efficiency and safety of the vehicle.

What is an intelligent tire?

Intelligent tires feature built-in sensors. In a connected world, they can become one of the vehicle’s most important sensors that provide vital information on:

  • Road conditions
  • Road temperature
  • Weather and driving conditions
  • Tire type
  • Inflation level
  • Tire condition
  • Remaining tire mileage

This data is transmitted to the car’s onboard computer to optimize driving performance, enhancing braking, cornering and acceleration.

The Goodyear Intelligent Tire Working Prototype supports future-generation ride-sharing fleets in urban areas. The concept’s technical features aim to maximize uptime and energy efficiency.

Thanks to the in-tire sensor technology, operators can identify and fix issues before they happen, ensuring a comfortable ride to the end-user.