Fewer Tire Breakdowns with Goodyear Proactive Solutions

Goodyear Proactive Solutions

Fleet operation management systems such as Goodyear Proactive Solutions assist fleet managers in day-to-day fleet management.

Digitalization is key

In today’s world, managing a commercial fleet is quite a challenge. The desk of a fleet manager looks more like a control center than an office. Monitoring multiple screens and control systems, they aim to anticipate traffic jams, increasing fuel costs and technical breakdowns. The ultimate goal is to stay highly competitive and offer the best service.

The transport industry is increasingly evolving towards greater levels of automation and connectivity. The key objective is to manage total cost of ownership and, even more importantly, increase uptime. Truck tire care and maintenance clearly contribute to commercial fleet uptime and operational costs.

Vehicle-To-Fleet operations management solutions, like Goodyear Proactive Solutions, support fleet owners in improving fleet safety and fuel economy. Proactive Solutions can not only help fleets to reduce their carbon footprint, but can also deliver up to 85% fewer tire breakdowns.

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