Humans vs Robots – ThinkGoodMobility Survey 2016

Survey autonomous vehicles_LSE-Goodyear_2016

In 2016 Goodyear and London School of Economics teamed up to conduct a survey on autonomous vehicles negotiating a place on the road. The results provide a glimpse on how ready Europeans ready to give up the wheel. Executive Summary ThinkGoodMobility Survey 2016  – Autonomous Vehicles negotiating a place on the road    […]

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Less Stress with Driverless

With traffic getting denser every year, people may become more favorable to driverless cars. Being stuck in traffic during your daily commute causes a lot of stress. Goodyear UK looked into how stress impacts our everyday lives Nearly half (46%) of British motorists would consider changing their job to avoid congestion. 40% would consider giving up their city life if […]

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