Humans vs Robots – ThinkGoodMobility Survey 2016

Survey autonomous vehicles_LSE-Goodyear_2016

In 2016 Goodyear and London School of Economics teamed up to conduct a survey on autonomous vehicles negotiating a place on the road. The results provide a glimpse on how ready Europeans ready to give up the wheel. Executive Summary ThinkGoodMobility Survey 2016  – Autonomous Vehicles negotiating a place on the road    […]

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ThinkGoodMobility Challenge – SmartMobi for Smart Mobility


SmartMobi: Rewarding smart mobility choices! Siddartha Khastgir – CEng MIMechE, PhD Candidate at WMG, University of Warwick (UK) SmartMobi in a nutshell SmartMobi is a simple, yet impactful idea that benefits both consumers and society. How? It incentivizes people to make smart mobility choices! Every time you select an environmental friendly mobility solution, you can earn Smart Credits. […]

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